LimeStop 600
A clear solution to limescale - ideal for combi boilers...
Are you an installer/plumber?  Buy 3 for just £69 each!  Email us.

600g of Siliphos inside
Comes complete with isolating valves
Doesn’t need to be replaced for two years
Works out to just 9p a day
Guaranteed to work - or your money back

Unlike our rival's product, you don't have to worry about your guarantee only applying to new appliances. We offer our money-back guarantee no matter what age the appliance is, or how old the heat exchanger is! Further, you don't have to be concerned about registering your LimeStop 600 - we do it for you, and remind you automatically in two years that it requires replacing.

We state that our LimeStop 600 is not only ALWAYS cheaper than its nearest rival (the CombiMate) to purchase, but can work out to be £175 cheaper to maintain over 10 years...

LimeStop 600 purchase cost (inc delivery) £79
CombiMate purchase cost (inc delivery) £134

LimeStop 600 replacement costs over 10 years £276
CombiMate replacement costs over 10 years £396

LimeStop 600 total cost after 10 years £355
CombiMate total cost after 10 years £530

Average costs taken from Google Shopping comparison July 3rd 2021.
4 x LimeStop 600 replacements (every two years) at £69 each against 9 annual Combiphos replacements and top-ups. No labour charges taken into account - which would further favour the LimeStop 600 over the CombiMate by a considerable margin, as the CombiMate would require labour attendance between 9 and 19 times, whereas the LimeStop 600 would only require labour attendance 4 times. Please also note that replacement of the LimeStop 600 is a straight-swap (should take about 5 minutes), whereas the CombiMate requires annual cleaning and replacement ‘O’ ring - with inherent water leak risk.