The last thing we want to do is confuse you as to which LimeStop is right for you!
So below is a very plain and simple guide
ALL of our LimeStops contain Siliphos (silicate-polyphosphate)

The BoilerBuddy is made only for combination (combi) boilers. It is sometimes used by plumbers to protect electric showers and other small water heating appliances. It contains 600g of Siliphos, made of plastic, and comes complete with isolating valves for ease of replacement.  If you want to install it horizontally, then email us before you order and we'll send you a free wall bracket.

2-year replacement (discounted by £10)
9p a day
Current stock level - 29 - current demand high

The CombiBuddy is made only for combination (combi) boilers.  It is made of stainless steel and contains 400g of Siliphos.  It's a smaller version of the LimeStop TS.
2-year replacement (discounted by £10)
12p a day
Current stock level - 10

The LimeStop Deep Blue See contains 800g of Siliphos, is plastic and MAY require a pressure reducing valve fitted prior to it (on high mains water pressures).   It suits home of up to 3 bedrooms or 2 adults and 1 child.
2-year replacement (discounted by £10)
10p a day
Current stock level - 11

The LimeStop TS is primarily made for thermal store cylinders (made of stainless steel), but because of the fact it contains 800g of Siliphos, it also makes it ideal for typical sized homes of up to 3 bedrooms or 2 adults and 1 child.   It is our most popular-selling limescale inhibitor.
2-year replacement (discounted by £10)
16p a day
Current stock level - 14

The LimeStop WH is simply a larger version of the TS, containing 1,000g of Siliphos – for larger homes than 3 bedrooms (or two adults, 2+ children), and is made of stainless steel.  It has 200g more Siliphos than our nearest rival product, the CombiMate.
2-year replacement (discounted by £10)
17p a day
Current stock level - 9

The LimeStop ScaleMasta contains 1,400g of Siliphos, made of stainless steel with a replacement-Siliphos feature.  We hold stock of the units, but they are made-up (fittings size) for special order - for commercial use.  Replace the Siliphos according to your requirements and use.
Replace Siliphos according to water use
Current stock level - 9

If you’re in any doubt as to which one is right for you, simply email us on and we’ll put you right.  We would advise you to opt for the larger (more Siliphos) LimeStop if your needs border on two LimeStops.  In rare circumstances, such as your water use being very high, we would recommend annual replacement.  Please note that it is essential that the unit is replaced at the appropriate time, or removed.

Still confused?  Email us - address below.