The last thing we want to do is confuse you as to which LimeStop is right for you!

So below is a very plain and simple guide...ALL of them contain Siliphos.


The CombiBuddy is made only for combination boilers. It is sometimes used by plumbers to protect electric showers and other small water heating appliances.

Purchase cost: £99

Per day cost: From 12p

2-year replacement (discounted)


The LimeStop TS is principally made for thermal store cylinders, and is made of stainless steel. However, because of the fact it contains 900 grams of Siliphos, it also makes it ideal for typical sized homes of up to 3 bedrooms and 2-3 adults.

Purchase cost: £115

Per day cost: From 14p

2-year replacement (discounted)


The LimeStop is simply a larger version of the TS, containing 1,200 grams – for larger homes than 3 bedrooms (or two adults, 2+ children), and again is made of stainless steel.

Purchase cost: £125

Per day cost: From 16p

2-year replacement (discounted)


The LimeStop Deep Blue See contains 800 grams but is plastic (so it’s cheaper) and MAY require a pressure reducing valve fitted prior to it (on high mains water pressures).

Purchase cost: £95

Per day cost: 10p

1-year cartridge replacement - polyphosphate replacement



If you’re in any doubt as to which one is right for you, simply email us on and we’ll put you right. The price difference between them is only £30, so we would advise you to opt for the larger (more Siliphos) LimeStop if your needs border on two LimeStops. The least expensive LimeStop is £95 and the most expensive is £125.


Still confused?




Truly remarkable limescale inhibitors

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Choose the best limescale inhibitor for you...

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The vast majority of the limescale inhibitors we sell are made in Britain.

We also sell one product which is made in Poland.


NONE of our products are made in China!

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Best for whole-house protection (up to 3 beds & 2-3 people)

Great for protecting thermal stores (and also 3-bed homes)

For larger homes - whole house protection

For Combi boilers only

Very inexpensive. Best for complying with Part L of the Building Regulations

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