THE truly remarkable limescale inhibitor

Stops limescale...or your money back...GUARANTEED

...for ¼ the price of a water softener!


Protects your home against limescale...

Boiler, Hot water cylinder, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Shower...*


and all from just 15p a day


mains water in

treated water out

water washes over Siliphos

Siliphos spheres


The ONLY limescale inhibitor with a REAL money-back guarantee!


You’ll read much about so-called ‘limescale inhibitors’, how they will remarkably halt limescale - even though there’s actually nothing to them! Or maybe they use a magnet, or electronic waves. But only ONE comes with a ‘forever’ money-back guarantee...and that’s ours. And that really says it all. If you’re thinking of choosing something else, just ask them if you can have your money back in 15 years’ time.

The LimeStop is constructed from stainless steel, not plastic. It is replaced in 2 years (and thus works out from 15p a day). But when its work is over, the LimeStop is 100% recyclable.


It fits ‘inline’ with your piping, so is an easy-fit. We recommend that you install simple valves to make replacement easier. Can be fitted horizontally or vertically. Compression connections are provided.





Not only is the LimeStop adequate to

protect all the appliances in your home...


The treated water is even safe for babies...

unlike artificially-softened water!

It conforms to EN1208:2005 and WHO standards for drinking water supplies.



15mm - £132Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services

22mm - £132Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services

Free delivery to UK mainland only

Ordering more than one? Please email us.

Replacements £113 including delivery


No electricity

No salt

No moving parts

No back-flushing

No smoke...no mirrors!


Compact size - just 275mm x 70mm (11” x 3”)



We’re well aware of products purporting to be water conditioners “aqua-conditioners” and even talking of ‘softened water’. They (often!) add zinc to the water, they sometimes use children’s magnets, they might even use an electronic wave. And yet not a single manufacturer of these devices will give you your money back in years to come if it doesn’t work. Now, doesn’t that tell you EVERYTHING about their product? It should. We know of one product where they won’t even tell you the price of it on their website (because it’s ridiculously expensive, yet it’s the same as a product for 1/10th the cost!). We know of another that says it has been tested by the German DVGW W512. What they don’t tell you is that this has been discredited because trial-testing is carried out under a SINGLE test pattern of one particular flow rate! That isn’t science. You should should look for one thing...your money back if it doesn’t work. We have been manufacturing limescale inhibitors since 2003...and we’ve never had to give anyone their money back.









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Made in Berkshire, England