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Not just for three months, or a year, but forever. If after three years, you think it’s not working, send it back to us and we’ll refund you.*

Now, THAT’S a guarantee!

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for 45 years!


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*The guarantee:

The guarantee against ‘scaling-up’ is dependent on the LimeStop M being installed for at least three years. If the protected appliance/s* should ‘scale-up’ to the detriment of water flow (we would require proof to satisfy such an occurrence), then we would return the original purchase price of the LimeStop M (£20) ONLY to the original purchaser. Your statutory rights are not affected.

*Protected appliance/s: The unit purchased must be stated as suitable for its application.

Guarantee refund:

Must be the original purchaser - cost of LimeStop M only, not p&p (currently £9). You would be refunded £20 on the current price. If you require to return your LimeStop M, you MUST email us to confirm you are the purchaser. After we have replied and confirmed you as the purchaser, wrap it well, and post it to us at the address below. We’ll refund you within seven days. Your statutory rights are not affected.








We manufacture a version of the LimeStop M for a client which uses two powerful neodymium magnets - (the LimeStop MN). It is more compact at just 135mm in length. This is available to the public, though there is no ‘buy’ button. The cost is £59 including free delivery. If you would like this alternative, please email us and we’ll arrange payment.








































LimeStop M

The magnetic limescale inhibitor

using a catapult magnetic field



Simply clips on - fitted in seconds!


The LimeStop M uses two very powerful aniso sintered

magnets in an opposing north/south gauss field.

This creates an intense ‘Catapult Field’


Available for piping in either 15mm or 22mm

Just 185mm in length (7½ ”)

Very powerful magnets

Clips onto pipework

Fit and forget


Just £29.00




15mm LimeStop M £29.00  Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with paya_card_processing_services

22mm LimeStop M £29.00  Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with paya_card_processing_services


If a water heating appliance is fitted in a hard water area, (defined as total hardness greater than 200mg/l), to comply with Part L of Schedule 1 of the Building Regulations, the feed water needs to be treated to prevent limescale formation.


In many areas of the UK, such as the Thames Valley, Kent and East Anglia in particular, rain water will pass through rocks that contain calcium and magnesium. The water that filters through these rocks will partially dissolve these minerals. Your water supplier will remove this underground water, clean it, and send it to homes across your region. But the dissolved minerals remain. When the water is heated (especially over 63 deg C) the calcium deposits will fall out of the water and adhere to surfaces. This is what's commonly called 'limescale'. It’s highly damaging to water heating equipment and costs consumers millions of pounds per year.


However, you don’t have to resort to fancy ideas of protecting water systems from the damaging effects of limescale. Water softeners are all well and good. But they are expensive, and require constant salt replenishment and maintenance. The problem with non-physical water conditioners like those which use electronic signals, is that they seem largely unproven, and manufacturers of these units are conspicuously reluctant to offer a money-back guarantee if they don’t work. Polyphosphate inhibitors almost exclusively use a ‘dosing’ unit which has tiny holes for the water to flow in and out. However, the holes block up with the powdery polyphosphate!


How does the LimeStop M work?


The LimeStop M uses a well-known interference pattern of magnetic flux fields called a Catapult Field - the north/south alignment of magnets. The LimeStop M uses VERY powerful aniso sintered magnets (one on each side of the pipe in N/S configuration). This creates a VERY strong catapult field. The intense field of magnetism alters the ions in the water, thus changing the shape of the calcium molecules. It is highly recommended for combi boilers (where it should be located as close to the boiler as possible), thermal store cylinders, unvented hot water cylinders and general cold mains water pipes.


Why is ours better than others?

We believe the use of powerful magnets is essential. Rival products often use ‘childrens’ magnets that are weak. The LimeStop M’s catapult field is intense.


A REAL guarantee

We feel confident enough to give our LimeStop M a fantastic performance guarantee that you will NOT find anywhere else! A no-quibble money-back guarantee, even years from now, if you don’t feel that it has worked. NO OTHER manufacturer of limescale inhibitors will offer you this. Why not? Think about it. We are aware of one manufacturer charging almost FOUR TIMES the cost of the LimeStop M...and telling lies about it being a ‘water softener’! The LimeStop M will not soften your water, nor will ANY limescale inhibitor or water conditioner - only an ion-exchange water softener will do that. But for just £29 with a money-back guarantee, we say you can’t go wrong!


We can manufacture large LimeStop M limescale inhibitors for any size piping. Just email us at info@scalgon.co.uk for a quotation.





Truly remarkable limescale inhibitors

Stop limescale...or your money back...GUARANTEED

...from 1/6th the price of a water softener!