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Limescale inhibitor for combination (combi) boilers

Stops limescale dead in the water


The BoilerBuddy stops limescale in combination (combi) boilers...




Due for public release in March




In many areas of the UK, such as the Thames Valley, Kent and East Anglia in particular, rain water will pass through rocks that contain calcium and magnesium. The water that filters through these rocks will partially dissolve these minerals. Your water supplier will remove this underground water, clean it, and send it to homes across your region. But the dissolved minerals remain. When the water is heated (especially over 63 deg C) the calcium deposits will fall out of the water and adhere to surfaces. This is what's commonly called 'limescale'. It’s highly damaging to water heating equipment and costs consumers millions of pounds per year.


However, you don’t have to resort to fancy ideas of protecting water systems from the damaging effects of limescale. Water softeners are all well and good. But they are expensive, and require constant salt replenishment and maintenance. The problem with non-physical water conditioners, such as those that use electronic signals, is that they seem largely unproven, and manufacturers of these units are conspicuously reluctant to offer a money-back guarantee if they don’t work. Polyphosphate inhibitors almost exclusively use a ‘dosing’ unit which has tiny holes for the water to flow in and out. However, the holes block up with the powdery polyphosphate!


We have carried out research for many years on what works and what doesn’t. Over thirty years of attending to hot water appliances that are encrusted with limescale has revealed that there really is only one choice - Siliphos, silicate-polyphosphate. A Siliphos dispenser doses the water with silicate-polyphosphate. So in 2003 we set out to find the perfect Siliphos dispenser for combi boilers - and, after constant improvement, the LimeStop range is the result.


Siliphos is a widely-trusted food-grade material proven time and again to inhibit limescale formation. Its ability to combat limescale deposits is really quite remarkable as it both lays down a protective layer on the walls of the supply piping and inhibits calcium deposits. The BoilerBuddy is an effective limescale inhibitor packed with Siliphos, which can be fitted prior to ANY combination boiler. It's even suitable for drinking water! Replacement of the cartridge (annually - at a discounted rate) can quite literally be a 5-minute job! We’ll even remind you when replacement is due. If you want to protect a whole-house installation, then opt for the LimeStop instead (see HERE).


The BoilerBuddy is guaranteed to work...or your money back!*


BoilerBuddy FAQs...


What is the cost of the BoilerBuddy?

£79.00 includes free delivery (free to UK mainland only).

What will be the annual cost of the BoilerBuddy?

Every year, the cartridge inside will need to be replaced at a cost of £36.50 plus p&p of £3.50 (so a total of £40), so the cost works out from just 10p a day...to stop limescale from ever forming in your combi boiler. Exchanging the cartridge can be just a 5-minute job for a plumber, and you may even be confident enough to do it yourself.

How much does it cost to install?

It is probably best to allow at least half an hour of a plumber’s labour charge, so should cost anything from £25 to £60 plus any fittings that your installer may need - although it can be a straight fit, without much need for fittings, the BoilerBuddy will only fit where you have horizontal pipework, for example, with a clear area to install it. We charge £60 to fit a BoilerBuddy - in the RG postcode area.

Can I install it myself?

Yes, if you feel confident with water fittings. All you’ll need is tube cutters and simple tools.

What are the dimensions of the BoilerBuddy?


Height 235mm with bracket.

What does it weigh?

1 kg

What's inside that inhibits limescale?

Siliphos, a food grade material called silicate-polyphosphate.

How does it inhibit limescale?

As water flows through the BoilerBuddy it flows over the spheres of Siliphos - and they give up a slight amount of their coating. Siliphos inhibits limescale in two ways. First of all it makes the calcium molecules stay in suspension, rather than stick. Secondly it lays down a layer of silicate on the walls of pipes etc. This too helps to inhibit limescale sticking.

How much Siliphos is in there?

Approximately 325 grams

Do you offer a discount for a ‘multiple’ order?

Yes, we do. Please email us.

Should it be fitted horizontal or vertical?


Does the Siliphos 'run out' of its effectiveness?

Yes, that’s why you have to change the cartridge.

Can I replace it easily?

Yes. It’s just a five minute job to do. Some of our customers ask their boiler-service engineer to do it while he is there. Make him a nice cup of tea, if you like, but the job will be done before the kettle has boiled.

Is the water drinkable?

Yes, Siliphos is a non-hazardous food-grade material. It conforms to EN1208:2005 (Treatment of water intended for human consumption) and WHO standards for drinking water supplies. Unlike artificially-softened water, it's safe for babies too. The fittings used are brass (standard pipe fittings). There’s no requirement for the BoilerBuddy to be WRAS approved for use with mains water drinking supplies. WRAS is the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme

Should I fit a ‘check valve’ anyway?

Water Regulations stipulate that you should install a ‘check valve’ (a non-return valve).

Is the BoilerBuddy classed as a water softener?

No, the hardness is still there, it's just suspended. This is true of all limescale inhibitors; if it doesn't actually remove the 'hard' salts then it's not a water softener. We actually prefer to call it a water conditioner, but ‘limescale inhibitor’ is the often-used term.

If the treated water is then stored, will it still be effective?

The effect diminishes with time. All such limescale inhibitors only ever affect moving water. The sooner the stored water is used, the better.

Your instructions say not to fit the BoilerBuddy too close to the boiler, why?

Warm water backfeeding down the supply will degrade the Siliphos. Its period of effectiveness would be less.

Can I fit it in a warm cupboard?

Yes, but not if the ambient temperature is above 30 degrees C for the same reasons as above. Also, fit it low down in the cupboard where the cold mains enters.

Will it protect mains thermal store appliances or my home?

For that we recommend a LimeStop TS. Most mains thermal stores use a coil of mains cold water that is heated by surrounding hot water. This is increasingly common. However, such units rapidly 'scale-up' in hard water areas. See www.limestop.co.uk

Will I still get limescale around my showerhead?

Most possibly, yes. This is because the Siliphos-effect will stop your shower scaling-up, but 'still' water will be left on the showerhead and around taps etc. The effect will be lost and deposits may well occur.

What will the BoilerBuddy protect?

The BoilerBuddy is ONLY made for fast-flowing mains water, and is ideally suited to combination boilers. It can also be used to protect electric showers.

Can I fit it to a conventional hot water cylinder?

No, this would be a stored system.

Can I fit it on my central heating system?

No, it is made for mains cold water supplies, not central heating. You shouldn't get any limescale in your heating system providing it has been installed correctly. If you want to stop magnetite sludge (black, oily substance) then fit one of our BoilerGuard or MagnaMate units.

What size ports has the BoilerBuddy got?

The BoilerBuddy is supplied in 15mm compression fittings as standard.

What if I have ¾" or 22mm water supply?

This would be unusual, as combi boilers almost always have a 15mm water supply - so check and make sure before you order. Just measure the width of the supply pipe. If in doubt, email us.

Will my water pressure be reduced?

The BoilerBuddy is a through-flow unit, and you would not see any noticeable drop in water pressure or flow after fitting.

Will the BoilerBuddy withstand high water pressures?

It will withstand water pressures up to 6 bar. If you suspect that your pressure could be higher, then install a Pressure Reducing Valve - around £20 from Toolstation.

What is limescale?

It's dissolved rock. Rain water dissolves the calcium and magnesium out of the rock. This water is then treated and sent to your home. When the water is heated the dissolved particles re-solidify and stick to the walls of the heat exchanger. It will do this at low temperatures, but it really begins at anything above 63 degrees C.

Is limescale harmful?

To your heating appliances, yes, very! Even a slight coating of it will reduce the efficiency of your appliance, meaning your energy bills will be higher. It also causes premature failure of key components.

Do you guarantee that the BoilerBuddy works?*

Yes. Our guarantee is that the secondary (hot water) heat exchanger of your combi boiler will not suffer from 'scaling-up'. If it did then we would refund the initial purchase cost. We believe all limescale inhibitors should carry a performance guarantee.  Don't buy one that hasn't got a money-back guarantee.

Any clauses to that?*

Yes, you must have had the unit at least 30 months, and obviously that you had replaced it at the recommended intervals. You would be required to provide proof of purchase.

Why is the BoilerBuddy better than other limescale inhibitors?

The BoilerBuddy requires no electricity or maintenance. It doesn't use magnets or questionable electromagnetic waves. It uses a time-proven material that we feel good enough to offer our performance guarantee of your money back!

Have you ever had to give anyone their money back due to an appliance re-scaling?

No, never.

How much is it?

£79.00 including postage.

And when it’s ready to have its cartridge replaced?...

We contact you - it’s £36.50 plus p&p.

Do you give a discount if I buy more than one?

Yes, please email us.

I have soft water, so surely I don’t need a BoilerBuddy?

The BoilerBuddy can even be used in soft water areas, as the Siliphos lays down a protective coating on the walls of the supply piping - thus preventing acidic-water attack and so-called ‘Blue Water’.

Why don’t you sell the BoilerBuddy in plumbing merchants?

Because by the time they have added their mark-up charge, it would make it too expensive. You get it the cheapest possible by buying direct from us.

I want one.

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Prices correct as of Mar 7, 2020




The guarantee against ‘scaling-up’ is dependent on the LimeStop being installed for 30 months and at least one replacement. If the protected appliance/s* should ‘scale-up’ to the detriment of water flow (we would require proof to satisfy such an occurrence), then we would return the original purchase price to the original purchaser minus the delivery charge. Your statutory rights are not affected.

*Protected appliance/s: The unit purchased must be stated as suitable for its application.