LimeStop 800

A clear solution to limescale
£89 - with FREE delivery
The LimeStop 800 will protect your home's water appliances...
GUARANTEED...or your money back.
And it will do so from just 11p a day!

Protects your boiler, hot water cylinder, washing machine, dishwasher, shower...
No electricity, no salt, no moving parts, no back flushing, no smoke, no mirrors!

The LimeStop 800 (available in 15mm or 22mm) should be installed on a water supply of less than 6 bar pressure.  It is pressure-tested to 6 bar, but it is not recommended that this level of pressure is sustained.  If you suspect this then you or your installer MUST install a pressure reducing valve (you may already have one).  They typically retail for £20.
The LimeStop 800 can be fitted vertically or horizontally on your mains water pipe preferably after the draw-off for your garden tap.
It comes with a wall bracket if you want to install it vertically, and also comes with isolating valves on the 15mm version.
Unit must be replaced in two years - we offer a £10 discount on your replacement - so it works out to just 11p a day!

Nine LimeStop 800s protecting a block of apartments in Upminster:

Buying a LimeStop:

We mostly sell to our own customers direct, and to trade (plumbers and heating engineers).  However, we can sell you a LimeStop direct (by post). Please email us from the 'Contact Us' page and we’ll send you a PURCHASE EMAIL to buy. Thank you.

Why do we use Purchase Emails? Because we can take better care of your payment. If you want to cancel, for example, we can do that immediately, and refund your payment the same day. Also, there are no outside 'payment merchants' and no fear of you mistakenly paying the wrong amount, or the parcel going to the wrong address. YOU are always in charge of your payment, and we don't see your bank or card details.

Please note that all orders are sent FREE by Royal Mail. This is often a 2-day service (working days). However, if you require your LimeStop urgently, please let us know when you order, and we can send by overnight courier. There is a £10 charge for this overnight service.