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We began manufacturing limescale inhibitors in 2003 using Siliphos (silicate-polyphosphate).  Eighteen years of continual improvement and innovation has resulted in what we believe is the best range of limescale inhibitors anywhere.  We're especially proud of our little BoilerBuddy, with its low purchase price, and 600g of Siliphos performance to stop limescale in combi boilers.

'Scale reducers' come in many types and various costs.  We've seen a particular scale reducer priced for hundreds of pounds that we know doesn't work!  Similarly, there are simple magnets which do absolutely nothing at all to your water - it's nothing more than a scam.  You should be looking for some strong guarantee that the scale reducer you purchase will work, or you'll want your purchase costs back!

What’s most remarkable about our LimeStop range is our guarantee.  We GUARANTEE to give you your money back if they don’t work...because we know they WILL work.  That’s a true guarantee of performance, and completely unmatched by any manufacturer, anywhere.  We’ve been making limescale inhibitors for 18 years now...and we’ve never had to give anyone their money back. 

From our little BoilerBuddy limescale inhibitor (for combi boilers) at just £79 - right up to our LimeStop ScaleMasta (for commercial use), we believe you cannot find a better range.  Three of our inhibitors are made right here in Britain, and two are made in Poland.  None of our products are made in China. 

We believe that we manufacture the best range of limescale inhibitors anywhere, with the best guarantee of their performance - a money-back one! 

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