LimeStop 500
A clear solution to limescale - ideal for combi boilers...
£85 with FREE delivery!
There is no comparable limescale inhibitor to the LimeStop ANY price!
It's an amazing product at an amazing price - and it's HALF the price of a Combimate!

500g of Siliphos inside

Comes complete with isolating valves
A wall bracket is included for fitting vertically if you wish

Doesn’t need to be replaced for two years
Works out to just 10p a day
Guaranteed to work - or your money back

Unlike our rival's product, you don't have to worry about your guarantee only applying to new appliances. We offer our money-back guarantee no matter what age the combi boiler is, or how old your boiler's heat exchanger is!  Further, you don't have to be concerned about registering your LimeStop 500, as we do it for you, and we remind you automatically in two years that it requires replacing.

The LimeStop 500 is just over HALF THE PRICE of its nearest rival (the CombiMate)!

Unit must be replaced in two years - we offer a £10 discount on your replacement - so it works out to just 10p a day!

Buying a LimeStop:

We mostly sell to our own customers direct, and to trade (plumbers and heating engineers).   However, we can sell you a LimeStop direct (by post).  Please email us from the 'Contact Us' page and we’ll send you a PURCHASE EMAIL to buy.  Thank you.

Why do we use Purchase Emails?  Because we can take better care of your payment.  If you want to cancel, for example, we can do that immediately, and refund your payment the same day.  Also, there are no outside 'payment merchants' and no fear of you mistakenly paying the wrong amount, or the parcel going to the wrong address.  YOU are always in charge of your payment, and we don't see your bank or card details.

Please note that all orders are sent FREE by Royal Mail. This is often a 2-day service (working days). However, if you require your LimeStop urgently, please let us know when you order, and we can send by overnight courier. There is a £10 charge for this overnight service.